Buyer Beware of


This is a guide, and is based solely on my experience in dealing with Performance Boat Center.

I was in the market for a boat. Performance Boat Center represented a seller of a boat I was interested in.

Performance boat center used their reputation to help push the sellers boat:

Performance boat center claimed the boat and engines had just been entirely “refreshed ” ; every detail had been inspected & met or exceeded their standards, the boat was in pristine condition. They claimed the boat had less than 8 hours on it since it’s refresh.

After receiving the boat, it was obvious that no work had been done on the boat, and it was in poor condition.

When I first received the boat I was little hesitant as it was filthy. But i figured it was just dirt, not the end of the world, after all the almighty Performance Boat Center inspected this boat inside and out, tested all the systems, and ran it, the least I could do is clean it, and assumed it would be ok.

Well it turns out, the almighty Performance Boat Center is sooooo good, that they must have inspected this boat with the cover still on. There is no way you can tell me someone boarded this boat, for an “inspection”, may it be on land or in the water but they couldn’t see how filthy it was, and thought it was ok to pack up the boat and leave a rag soaked in fuel hanging out in the bilge.

In my case all the fuel hoses were dry rotted! Performance boat center claimed to have run the boat, this would have been impossible as the hoses dumped fuel into the bilge. There was no way the boat could build enough pressure for the engines to start because of the condition of these hoses. Thank god the boat did not start it would have blown up!

When buying a boat verify for yourself some of the following: (some of these may seem obvious)

The boat starts & runs! Make sure it starts right up & runs properly from a cold start.

Make sure the fuel lines are not dry rotted!!!!

Pumps – you can flip a switch and make sure they run, but that doesn’t mean other items like the float switch works. Access the bilge and trigger it manually, to be sure.

You should also run washdowns, heads, and anything else that’s powered by a pump.

Do not expect return phone calls, especially from Brett Manire, the general manager.

In my opinion you should test all these systems yourself, as once you transfer the money, you are on your own!

Performance Boat Center used their reputation to help sell the boat, and transferred the money to the owner offering me nothing other than legal recourse. To make matters worse, the general manager of Performance Boat Center Brett Manire who I contacted immediately would not take my call or emails, to this day (2 years later) has yet to answer or return any of my phone calls.

Performance Boat Center falsely represented this boat, did not hold the money in escrow, did not support me after my purchase.

I would never purchase from Performance Boat Center again, nor would I recommend them to anyone ever after my experience. Once the money was transferred, Performance Boat Center was done with me, and on to the next one

In fact, through research of my own, I discover the previous owner of this boat actually sent Performance Boat Center money towards repairing this boat. Apparently Performance Boat Center felt the money fit better in their pockets than it did being spent on repairing this boat. It’s all smiles from Brett & the gang at Performance Boat Center at the boat shows, see if you can find those smiles after you pay them, hell, try and find the guys at all after you pay them.

Please do not make the same mistake I did. When dealing with Performance Boat Center, make sure you have a clear channel of communication with them, get cell phone numbers, make sure they return your calls.

Ask them for details in writing about there boats, boat stories are worthless! Ask them what refreshed means exactly, what does rebuilt mean exactly. Get these definitions in writing!

Ensure your money is put into escrow & your satisfaction will be guaranteed before its released!

Read the sales contract thoroughly and know what you are signing!

Hire a good marine surveyor from a third party, they will give you the information that you need to make an educated decision on the condition of the boat

Do a title search on vessels which are state titled or documented. Maritime liens are secret liens, and do not need to be filed to be valid, but liens on documented vessels can be filed at the National Vessel Documentation Center, and an abstract of title can be cheaply and quickly obtained to make sure that there are no liens of record which have not been disclosed.

Buy a boat with a good engine.  

Warranties are only as good as the solvency of the seller ! Never buy from someone who does not have the resources to fix what they are selling!!!

I cannot stress this point enough…. boating is expensive, buying a new or used boat is expensive, and unfortunately there is no way to eliminate the risk involved in these transactions. However, please do business with reputable companies and people, research before spending! Take the time to get ALL of the info about a vessel before purchasing.

There are so many parts that make up a boat It is impossible to make sure you check them all out before you buy. You never know what you’ll learn about a boat while running it, maybe the steering is a lot looser than you’d like, the throttles are sticky, who knows what else? Some of these are to be expected in reality, after all some of these are just the nature of the beast. Boating is an expensive hobby! However I will never again rely on the folks at Performance Boat Center to be honest with me and tell me the real condition of a boat, I think a sea trial is absolutely 100% necessary if you are willing to take the risk of purchasing from them!

To be clear I understand mistakes happen, misunderstandings happen, nobody is perfect. I am more than willing to forgive, forget, and move on. In my situation though, my transaction through Performance Boat Center was such a terrible experience and had I thought at anypoint in the past two years that the guys at Performance Boat Center had any other interest other than my money, I would have moved on.

In fact boating wise I have moved on, I purchased a brand new boat, from someone else & took my own advice this time and was very satisfied. But my experience with Performance Boating Center was bad enough to bring me to the lengths of hiring attorneys, paying for billboards and making websites, now all in hopes it helps someone else avoid living my nightmare!!!!